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Daily delivery and reception

Delivery and reception of arms and accessories for daily movements. Information on items held by personnel. Alerts on expiry dates. Suggested items required for guard duties and operations, alerts report, stock information for the item inside the armoury, inspection status.

Item details

Full details of the weapon, related accessories, manuals, warranties and certificates. Chain of custody. Maintenance, repair and inspections log. Printing and transfer.

Personnel management

Photo and general information about personnel. Authorisation to bear arms. Weapons and accessories allocated and delivered. Delivered and received weapons and accessories log.

Transfer management

Preparation and management of transfers of weapons and accessories between armouries and staff. Control of dispatch and receipt at other locations. Creation of documents with unique transfer codes and barcodes.

Signature log

Electronic signature pads to keep a record of the people involved in all the transactions on the system. The items are listed on the devices so personnel can validate them before signing.

Maintenance and inspections

The system enables easy and complete control of weapon maintenance, repairs and inspections. Automatic alerts via system and email to notify imminent and expired items.

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