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RFID & Weapons

The vast amount of materials required for operations by the armed and security forces make for logistical work nothing short of daunting.


Deficient tracking of shipments, storage and stock control problems cause heads of areas to request and maintain more materials than they really need, increasing operating costs across the force´s supply chain.


This is especially sensible when it comes to weapons. Managing and controlling the delivery and reception of arms and accessories when they are distributed to the various depots and staff is essential.


Radio Frequency Identification, or "RFID”, is a technology that enables the remote identification and collection of data automatically thru radio waves. RFID control is achieved by placing special "tags" in the weapons that are then read automatically at the different "Active and Passive” control points. Handheld scanners enable rapid audits and searches. There are many technologies aimed at identifying objects but RFID is the only one that does so without human intervention. This increases efficiency by reducing data input errors and allowing man-hours to be redirected to other tasks.

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