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At Tauri Solutions we believe in strategic alliances with international partners who share the same values and vision for growth. To do this, we have developed a partner programme that not only provides technical training but, above all, accompanies them in their strategy and comercial needs according to the idiosyncrasies of the country or region where they operate. If you think your organisation might benefit by developing opportunities in these business areas, please write to us at

Tauri Solutions SRL
+54 11 5263 3101
Av. Juan B. Alberdi, 2228, (1406) Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Integrator: Kenam Engineering S.A.R.L.
+223 20290498
Rue 415, Porte 614 Sebenikoro, BP 1775, Bamako, Mali.
M. Zeiny Moulaye Haidara
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